wendy prather burwell

Still Life Paintings



One of the best things about being a still life painter is finding visual pleasure in so many ordinary things - gardening, cooking, setting the table, even grocery shopping. 

My oil paintings portray fruits, vegetables, flowers, and branches in a naturalistic way, with simple and uncluttered compositions. I'm drawn to an Old World look, and travels to Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands have strongly influenced my style. As for subjects, some of my favorites are the ones I stumble across, like the black walnut branch that fell down at the end of my driveway. Or the bunch of parsley I tucked in a glass while unloading groceries. The subjects are earthy and unpretentious, but they have a subtle elegance that I really respond to and hope to find in my paintings.


Though I've always loved to draw, my art education didn't really begin until right after college. While working in book and magazine publishing in New York, I studied graphic design and fine art at Parsons and the School of Visual Arts. After I moved to the Philadelphia area, my interest in plants and gardening led me to botanical illustration courses at Longwood Gardens, where I also earned a Certificate of Merit in Ornamental Horticulture. I continue to take classes in still life, portrait, and figure painting and have been fortunate to learn from many talented Philadelphia artists.


My work has been exhibited in juried shows in the greater Philadelphia area, including Longwood Gardens, the Philadelphia Flower Show, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, and the Wayne Art Center. I recently held my first solo show at Riverside Gallery, Pottersville NJ.